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Antique Andean Manta
Antique Andean Manta
Antique Andean Manta
Antique Andean Manta

Antique Andean Manta

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Antique Andean Manta

Hand spun, hand woven sheep’s wool manta from the 1910s. Fine tight weave. Identical design on both sides, called “Iskay Uyakulla” in Quechua. 


45" x 35" 

Naturally dyed wool

Plant material dye colors: Orange (“Q’ala Q’ala plant, also Q’olle plant mixed with Cochinilla); Pink (“Cocoye or Quchinillay Lulpla plant); Purple (Awaypili plant, also Qeto Queto plant); Violet (successive dyings with blue and red dye stuffs); Blue (Indigo); Green (successive dyings with blue and yellow dye stuffs, also from Chacall plant, or Cchillca plant); Brown (Monte Guanaco plant); Black (Q’eswa plant, also T’ika plant).


Bands & Stripes: broad weft bands represent agricultural fields; thin weft stripes represent agricultural rows.


W 45 “ (2 panels each W 24.50”) x L 33“

Excellent condition for its age and use, no holes, significant stains, or tears.

- c. 1910

- handmade in Bolivia